Why a Good Logo is Important for Your Business?

Apr 28, 2019
Why a Good Logo is Important for Your Business?

Having a logo is an integral part of turning your business into a recognizable brand, and making your brand a successful one.


But why would a well-designed logo be important for your business?


  • It grabs attention

A logo quickly grabs customers attention and swiftly communicate the company’s message and what it does in a few short seconds. With the current short attention spans of customers because of the numerous options and competition, they tend to judge things first by their appearance – something that can work for your advantage if you have your brand represented in the right way.


  • It makes a strong first impression

Your logo is your company’s first introduction to your customers. When designed well, it piques the interest of your audience and drive them to want to know more about your business.


  • It is the foundation of Brand Identity

Your brand has to tell a story if you intend for it to be successful. This story has to have an influence on your customers’ emotions or preferences to drive them to take a purchase decision. 

Your logo is not your entire brand identity of course, but it comprises the foundation upon which the whole identity is built. Your brand colors, fonts, look and feel are determined by the message you decide to communicate through the logo; and from the logo, the message is translated onto the other branding elements until your identity is complete.


  • It is what makes the brand memorable

Your logo is the symbol by which your customers recognize your products and brand. With your logo, you can instantly make your customers remember what your company does and how it makes them feel at first sight.

When well-designed, your logo will trigger a positive recollection about your brand and products for your customers. Even if they forget the company name amidst the crowded markets, they will immediately remember their impression about your brand when they recognize the logo.


  • It separates you from competition

Your logo is supposed to tell your customers how your business is unique and why. So maybe there are 50 other coffee shops in your town, but customers will choose yours upon seeing the logo because it reminds them of the positive experience they had with you, and the quality you promise them.  

A well-designed logo can communicate everything the company wants to tell through the right icon or proper font. Therefore, it conveys your values and show customers why you are different from your competitors.


  • It fosters brand loyalty

As your brand grows, a wider scope of customers is going to become familiar with your logo. This acquaintance creates the perception that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Customers always crave consistency. So, once they like you, they will start trusting you and will seek you out one time after another; and your logo will be the thing they will search for first.

For example, when you are shopping for sports gear and then spot some running shows with the Nike swoosh, you are instantly ready to buy. Why? Because you will know what quality you should expect, you know that this is a brand you trust.

Trust is built on a well-designed logo that can memorable and that your customers can associate with reliability and quality, then brand loyalty will be quick to follow.


  • Customers expect it

Customers are now well-educated and they know that any reliable brand should have a well-designed logo and a well-represented brand identity. So, they know to look for your logo and brand mark first when they see or receive any communications from your company. Therefore, it should be present in all your marketing communications and materials including your business card, emails, advertisements…etc.

If you do not have a good logo, then you will be missing a good chance to make your business memorable and make the right impression with your audience.